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Hidden Treasures

Are you ready to enjoy what has been ordained for your life? Well you are at the right place – Zoeland Institute.

It is said that knowledge is POWER! Well, Zoeland Institute is a place for individuals seeking knowledge and truth. On completion of any of these programs/courses of study or coaching, you will have a better understanding of self and the I AM-ness in you. You will start taking back your POWER, by using the power of your mind and communication(NLP).

You will be able to recognize behaviour patterns, and interrupt those which do not contribute to your GROWTH or WELL-BEING. Also, by asking the right questions, you will see the intent of those desiring to enter your circle of influence.

You’ll also be glad to know that through the School of the Prophets and Spiritual Protocol, you will learn how to snuff out the spirit of rebellion, know how to behave in the House of the Lord, your work environment and with love-ones.

Know this! You will start to unleash the POWER within you, creating new avenues of WEALTH, FAVOR and BLESSINGS. Get ready for the changes in your NEW GREAT Life!